Case Packer

Fully-automatic packing machine  which packs bottles into American type cartons with or without pre-glued inside partitions  and into plastic crates.

The inverter-controlled radial movement allows a smooth and balanced bottle transfer when these are being inserted and permits speed to be varied during the different phases of the operating cycle.

Packing equipment ensure high performance while processing cartons of various formats with or without inside partitions and offer perfect integrity of the labels.
Multiformat pick-up heads, separators and centring devices allow the packing of bottles with diameter from 62 to 116 mm without any equipment replacement. The pick-up head is equipped with safety devices to prevent blockage and can be equipped with max 24 gripping cups.
Quick and easy format changeover takes only few minutes.

Special self-regulating equipment, thanks to a PLC, automatically adjust picking head and separator rails dimensions according to the bottles diameter and height.

Output: 10.800 bph 

  • Case Packer
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