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Roll n Blow



Roll n Blow in house bottling equipment works using innovative vertical tubular thermoforming technology using reels of plastic sheeting


The equipment is designed to produce tall, lighter, round bottles in more cost effective matter


Bottle sizes can range from as small as 100ml up to 500ml


The process involves using tube technology to produce the bottles
The process starts with reels of plastic sheeting as the raw material
The plastic sheeting is cut into strips.
Each strip is shaped into a tube around the blow pipe.
Strips are then welded lengthways.
The resulting tube is then heated and moulded into the bottle shape.
Lastly the moulded bottles are then cut and separated from the sheet


The cost of transporting in and storing reels of plastic sheet are far cheaper than material bulk (pre manufactured bottles). Being vastly more space efficient results in a substantial reduction in the use of trucks and transporting as well storage space.

The energy efficient process in combination with the reduction in bottle supply and handling time also reduce the environmental impact of your business.

This versatile and flexible production process also give business far greater control over their production. As well gaining flexibility in the design and specification of the bottle shape and size, hygiene is also improved as bottles can be fed directly into filling lines eliminating countless hours of exposure to the many potential contaminants in the transporting and storage process.  


For more information on the Roll n Blow see the below video and readings

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