Equipment Rental

If purchasing new equipment just isn’t financially viable then Icon can offer rental on many of the machines we offer. While rental isn’t offered on every piece of equipment that we can supply, many of our most common and in demand machines can rented for a set period of time.

There are many reason to explore renting as an option. Maybe you plan to expand so quickly you can’t justify the continual purchase or new machines? Maybe you want to trail a new product and don’t want to commit to an entire new machine or maybe you just don’t have the available finances to invest in the equipment you need to keep moving your business forward. Renting can be an ideal alternative in many cases can give your business the freedom to trail products or expand production without the upfront cost and commitment of commissioning entirely new machinery.

Equipment available for rent can range from small semi-automated equipment such as the Icon Handifiller or 4-4-1 Tribloc, up to larger equipment and small lines such as an 18-6 Filler Capper, Cap Sorter/Feeder or Bottle Unscrambler.

Icons standard rental terms include 6 month minimum rental with discounts offered for longer contracts of 12 months or more. Rentals are set up through an easy and stress free direct debit system.

*rentals do not include change parts or tooling for machines which may be required to be purchased separately.

For all enquiries please fill out the bellow enquiry form with as much information as available or contact us here