Cap Detection System

Detects cocked & missing caps

  • Reduces manufacturing costs
  • Improves quality
  • Detects misplaced, cocked or missing caps
  • Detects missing or incorrect date codes
  • Detects incorrectly placed, missing or incorrect labels

A Cognex Checker is a "smart but affordable vision sensor"

The major advantage of a Cognex camera system over a static PE based detection is the ability of the sensors to move up and down within a window which accommodates for the varying heights of the bottle necks.

The Cognex system has an on board menu function which allows multiple programs to be saved.  The operator can easily call up the required program on this function, this can also be linked to the local plant control via Ethernet.

The Cognex software is very user friendly, less than 10 steps are required to program and run a new job.

The AB1100 PLC has Ethernet capability allowing the system to interface with other equipment within the plant.

The system comes complete with stack light which includes an available alarm to alert the operator when an out of spec part is detected.

Checker Advantages

Inspects features that other sensors cannot:- Because Checker understands what is sees, it can inspect features that other sensors can't, such as code printed on a label

Inspects multiple part features simultaneoulsy:- There's no limit to the number of part features you can inspect with a single Checker!

Overcomes varying part positions:- Parts on a line typically vary in position, and Checker tracks all of them without requiring precise part handling.

  • Cap Detection System
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