Claranor PLS – Caps and Sports Caps

Claranor uses pulsed light in a controlled zone to effectively remove bacteria and other possible contaminants. This form of sterilisation is unique, effective and highly efficient requiring no use of water or liquids, no chemicals, no heating or prep time, low energy consumption and instant.

The cap sterilisation unit is installed directly onto the cap chute. As the caps pass through the pulsed light flashes sterilising the caps. The use of reflectors and an enclosed environment help to ensure the entirety of the cap is covered and the pulsed light exposure is maximised. Simultaneously this helps encase the pulsed light to focus the sterilisation effects, avoiding any human exposer.

The lack of chemicals or any form of decontaminant bathing makes this an incredibly environmentally friendly, energy efficient and sustainable form of sterilisation.

The cap sterilisation unit is suitable for flat and sports caps of all sizes, foils, lids and crowns. The unit comes in two basic models. One a free fall model that flashes periodically via sensor as caps are gravity fed through the feeder. The second version isolates the caps in pre-determined groups within the chute for sterilisation before being applied to the bottle.

Additional lights or number of flashes per cap can be achieved to increase the level of sterilization. The light unit itself requires occasional replacement and the unit requires infrequent maintenance. Icon have certified technicians trained to perform service and maintenance task on Claranors range of sterilisation equipment.


Claranor can provide independent sterilisation reports providing conformation of log 3 to 5. To see these reports click -

Here for the “Flat Caps” report                             or                              Here for the “Sports Caps” Report

To see more information on Claranors Pulse Light Sterilization for caps see the readings and video below

Claranor PLS – Caps and Sports Caps Claranor PLS – Caps and Sports Caps Claranor PLS – Caps and Sports Caps
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  • Claranor PLS – Caps and Sports Caps
  • Claranor PLS – Caps and Sports Caps
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