Conveyor Dry Lubrication Systems

Icon offers a highly advanced and effective dry lubrication system for conveyors which can reduce maintenance cost, improve efficiencies and increase overall equipment life.
Using a fully automated control unit, the dry lubrication system can supply and apply lubrication to multiple lines (up to 750 lubrication points). With top and bottom application of the highly efficient, water resistant, low consumption and long shelf life lubricant (excess of one year).

Suitable options of Air & Slat Conveyors


  • Significant Reduction of Friction Rate

Reduction of bottle jams, energy savings of up to 45% and an increase of overall line efficiency.

  • Micro Lubrication

Extremely low lubrication consumption (3 litres per 100 meters for a single year of air conveyor), microscopic thin lubricant film, clean conveyors, reduction in operating cost of up to 80% and maximum consumption guaranteed.

  • Water Free

Completely dry working environment, no water consumption, no effluent, no bacterial or fungal growth

  • Top and Bottom Lubrication

Increased line efficiencies, higher package stability (elimination of stick slip), Decrease of wear on guiding strip & belt, improved life of belts and wearstrips and reduction in noise levels

  • Direct Contact Principle

No brushes (high maintenance, low performance)
No sprays (environmental load, relative high consumption)
Extremely low and adjustable friction rate

  • Highest Technical Standard

5 year guarantee, no maintenance, fully automatic and multifunctional operation, no expensive service contracts, one control unit can serve a complete bottling/packaging plant with multiple lines, IP protection (EP 1494943 & PCT/BE2010/000070)


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