4-4-1 Gravity Filling Semi Auto Tribloc

The QPM rinser filler capper is a semi-automatic gravity filler perfect for low speed and new business level production. It consists of four rinsing baskets which flush bottles of contaminants prior to filling. Four filling heads that gravity fill product from an overhead tank and one capping head which can apply a variety of closures to bottles.

The overhead tank comes with a float valve shut off to prevent overfill and product can be gravity fed or pumped in.

Different capping heads can be supplied to accommodate a variety of bottle closure types including: push on or screw on, crown caps, ROPP and Stelvin caps, T cork caps, etc. Additionally the machine can be supplied in a 4-4-1-1 variant with an additional head for bottle corking.

All three sections of the machine run independently allowing for easy and flexible use by the operator.
The machine has an approximate of speed 400-600 bottles per hour. Please be aware though that this can vary due to a number of factors including operator capability, thickness and viscosity of product and size of bottle being filled.

Firstly the operator fills the four rinsing baskets with bottles and begins the rinsing process. Once rinsed the operator removes the bottles placing them in respective positions underneath the filling heads. Once in place the operator can start the filling process and replace the bottles in the rinsing basket. Once filled the bottle are removed to side, the newly rinsed bottles are again moved to the filler and replaced. While the rinsing and filling process takes places the operator can cap and remove the filled bottles.

  • 4-4-1 Gravity Filling Semi Auto Tribloc
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