Automated Dosers

Icon are able to supply a range of dosing solutions, suitable for filling products containing large chunks or particles or products containing whole pieces of food.

Icon work with Carlo Migliavacca, experts in the manufacturing of dosing Filling equipment, to import some of the highest quality dosing equipment from Italy

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These dosing units are ideal for products such as jarred fruits/vegetables or purée's and can even suit a range of applications including: Mango pickles, vegetable soups, meat and vegetable sauces, various condiments, tripe, Russian salad, pet foods, mustard, mushrooms, jams with fruit pieces, creams containing suspended pieces or most types of paste or liquid product.
The Dosing Equipment can handle any of the above in container sizes anywhere from 30ml to 5000ml

Dosing Equipment capabilities include:

  • Blowing/sanitising empty containers.
  • Device for “bottom-up filling”.
  • Heated and/or insulated double jacketed hopper.
  • Device for oil top-up.
  • Piston-operated Feeding Pump with adjustable hourly output.
  • Loading hopper mixer, controlled by Motor variator for correct proportion of product and suspended pieces.
  • Multiple nozzle delivery system for tomato concentrate and some paste based products.
  • Reduction unit with piston for sizes from 28 ml.
  • Feeding disk diam. 1.000 mms. for the feeding of empty containers

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