Tri-Bloc Systems

The latest style Icon Tri-bloc Machine provides rinsing, filling and capping capabilities on a common base.  The system can be matched to the customers individual needs.  We can offer gravity or pressure gravity filling systems as well as cap application systems for various types of caps and closures. 

Designed and built with features to increase production efficiency.  Contact gravity filling system to suit free flowing products such as milk, water and juice.

Standard Features include:

  • 2-to1 ratio transfer star for smooth container handling
  • Quick and easy changeover of container sizes
  • Extended shelf life package consisting of Hepa Air, Sanibar Spray System, UV cap chute
  • Integrated safety guarding
  • CIP Components available
  • Gear drive

Rinser Features include:

  • Rotary rinser for cleaning or sanitising containers
  • Full neck grip
  • Dual rinsing systems – water and air rinse
  • No bottle no rinse sensor
  • Fixed or penetrating nozzles
  • Liquid and gas mixed systems

Filler Features include:

  • Accurate filling of free flowing liquids
  • Available with gravity filling technologies for cold or hot fill applications
  • Can fill from 90ml to 5 litre plastic or glass bottles up to 450bpm

Capping Systems include:

  • Choose from standard screw capping system, 700 series, pick ‘n place, snap cap or heat seal capping systems, ROPP, metal lug capping and crown seal


  • Tri-Bloc Systems
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