Stretch Blow Moulding

What is Stretch Blow Moulding?

Stretch Blow Moulding is the process of bottle production where small standardised tubes known as “Preforms” are heated and then rapidly blown and stretched into a bottle mould creating a fresh new bottle ready to be filled and packed. Stretch blow moulding can be installed at beginning of a production or filling line eliminating the need for bottles from third party suppliers, unscrambling, depalletisers, infeed conveyers, etc. Instead preforms are emptied into hopper which will feed directly into the blow mould machine and dedust the preforms before feeding them through to the heating oven.

Inside the blow moulder the preforms are rotated around the heating area ensuring an even and homogenous heating process. Built in infrared cameras are used to monitor the preforms ensuring even heating. The heated preforms are then transferred to the oven where they are rapidly and precisely moulded to pre designed bottle shapes. This process is highly accurate and very quick taking less then several seconds. The specific shape and design of the finished bottle is highly customizable and easily changed with little interference to production. A patented neck transfer system seamlessly integrates the bottle production with the filling and capping process

The Serac Combox H2F is a custom built machine containing the blow mould process, filling and capping process providing an ultra-clean environment second to none. The blow moulding process itself helps to sterilise the preform after being de dusted and the neck transfer and net weight filling ensure the bottles remain contactless until post capping. Combine this with a pulse light preform sterilization and cap sterilisation systems and you will have one of the most thorough and effective sterilization process in the food and beverage industry that is completely 100% chemical free.

Benefits of Blow Moulding Preforms


  • Lightweight - cost effective to produce and requires less energy to transport
  • Cost Effective - cheaper price point for PET in comparison to other materials such as high density polyethylene
  • Safe - Don’t shatter and are not hazardous if broken or damaged
  • Convenient - Lightweight, safe, durable and squeezable making them great for on the go consumers
  • Re-sealable - Suitable for multi serve packs
  • Recyclable - the PET bottle is reusable and can be recycled
  • Sustainable - increasing number of PET bottles are made with recycled PET
  • Distinctive - Can be moulded into different shapes, colours, or clear packaging to display the product enabling brands to use them to build identity and image.
  • Flexible - manufacturers can switch from one bottle shape or size to another, meaning a high level of efficiency and freedom of material choice


The Roll n Blow

Based on the same thermoforming principals, Roll and Blow works with a sheet of plastic instead of preforms. The plastic sheets are cut and wrapped around tubes which then get enclosed in bottle moulds and the bottles are blown and set. This process leave the neck of the bottles closed and attached to one another. After the bottles are formed they are separated and the necks opened.

Roll and Blow can use up to 30% less plastic, three times less energy and result in the use of five times fewer trucks then other bottle manufacturing processes and outsourcing. Roll and Blow ensures there is no compromise to quality, taste or safety with your product.

  • Stretch Blow Moulding
  • Stretch Blow Moulding
  • Stretch Blow Moulding
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