The services offered by Icon Equipment International are many and varied.


Some of the more common services are as follows:


Customer Support

The Icon service team is highly qualified, experienced and multi-cultural with a deep understanding of not only your equipment but also the multitude of applications that can vary from country to country, and industry to industry.  We offer a consistently high level of support.

Maintenance Contracts

Our focus is always on prediction and prevention.  Conscious of the need to avoid costly interruptions to production schedules, we work with you to help plan plant maintenance by offering a range of service contracts with in built flexibility to meet specific needs and budgets.  From a basic level of service right through to all embracing programmes, we can assist to achieve measurable plant improvements.

Productivity Partnerships

We will focus on delivering continual improvements to customers’ existing asset base, which can drive plant performance and deliver significant returns on investment.


Recondition and Repair

Even the highest quality equipment is subject to wear and tear.  Icon Equipment’s recondition and repair services will revitalise these machines and give you back lost productivity and profitability.  All services come with warranty.

Onsite Equipment Training

Seasoned service personnel are available for on-site training of customers at competitive rates.  In-depth training will allow staff to operate the machines at an optimal level.  This will prolong the life of the machine and reduce inefficiencies due to poor set up or maintenance procedures.

Engineering and Design

Icon Equipment International is committed to designing the most efficient and functional filling and capping equipment for your business.  Engineering plays a critical role providing innovative and workable solutions for specialised customer requirements.


Specialised Service and After-sale Support

Icon service personnel are required to attain advanced levels of experience and proficiency with set-up and maintenance of machinery before they are permitted to assist a customer onsite.  Icon Equipment International prides itself in having the most responsive after sales support team.  Our highly skilled service team can help you to achieve the maximum performance of your machinery.

Spare Parts

All machinery requires maintenance and spare parts.  In order to keep your machines running smoothly, Icon offers comprehensive, reliable spares and change parts supply for its own machines as well as for other types of packaging machinery.  

Rental Options

Icon Equipment International offers a flexible short term rental for packaging equipment, allowing companies to quickly accommodate increased temporary production demands as well as long term rentals with the option of purchasing the equipment at the completion of the rental term.

Rental options are excellent for allowing expanding companies to keep their initial overheads low, while at the same time enabling them to meet increased production demands and /or introduce new production lines.

Contact Icon Equipment International to discuss your rental options.


Rebuilding of Existing Filling & Capping Machines

The specialised engineering team at Icon have the expertise to rebuild and upgrade machinery to adapt your line to new products with the latest technology.  This allows companies with the flexibility to keep up to date with new market trends, whilst providing greater output and efficiency.

Installation and Commissioning

Our team of trained and qualified service technicians are multi-skilled in a range of machinery ensuring that machinery is installed and commissioned to suit your specific needs.  In all phases of machinery installation and commissioning, we have the experience and resoures to ensure your equipment is set up and functioning correctly right from the start.

Project Management

From design to delivery of your line, whether customers are investing in one machine or a fully integrated line, Icon Equipment International offers a one stop solution for every type of project.  From initial meetings through to installation and commissioning, we aim to meet our customers’ requirements at all times.

Onsite Machine Evaluation and Assessments

Our expert technicians are capable of performing comprehensive machine appraisals and provide customers with a detailed report advising of any spare parts, upgrade or modification requirements.  

Technical Support

Icon Equipment International provides total customer support by fully trained service personnel.  They are creative, flexible and backed by Icon’s expertise.  This team is prepared for short notice response to customers in need of assistance.  We provide comprehensive and immediate phone assistance during normal working hours and after hours emergency technical support.