Claranor is the international leader of clean disinfection technologies. Claranor develop complete sterilization solutions for food & beverage industrial applications, including caps and cups sterilization prior to filling/bottling.

Pulsed Light by Claranor

  • is compact
  • is easy to integrate on existing line and easy to use
  • is reproducible and traceable
  • induces limited running costs
  • uses no water and no chemicals

Claranor solutions to decontaminate caps with pulsed light can be easily integrated in new and retrofit filling lines.  They meet the requirements of the filling industry for ultra-clean and ESL packaging.  The pulsed light treatment can disinfect flat or "sports" caps for beverages and liquid food products packaging.


Claranor - Flat Cap Sterilisation - Nestle Waters - Al Manhal

Nestle Group is one of the early adapters of pulsed UV light, with a first treatment unit installed in Nestle Contrex, for flat caps decontamination (40 000 b/h).  The technology is also used in Saudi Arabia since 2004, in the Nestle Waters Al Manhal factory in Riyadh, on a bottling line for flat caps decontamination.

After having contributed to the safe production of 250 million bottles since 2004, Nestle Waters Al-Manhal factory has chosen to equip a second production line with a Claranor equipment, for flat and sport caps decontamination (25 000 b/h).  This equipment was installed in 2008.


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