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The Combox is innovation bridging the gap between packaging, manufacturing and filling.
The blow – fill – cap systems provides the added benefit of integrating the bottle manufacturing, the filling and the capping process. This takes full advantage of Seracs state of the art blow mould bottling, combined with the incredibly efficient and clean, top of the line contactless net weight filler and capper.

The Combox is the ideal solution for medium sized producers. Providing a streamlined, cost effective, hygienic and customizable full bottling line.



Bottle preforms are placed in the large hopper bay at one end.
These are fed up to the bottle infeed and undergo a heating process.
The design of the heating line ensures an even heat distribution on all preforms helping to ensure consistency and uniformity.
Once heated several preforms at a time are placed in pre designed moulds where the stretching rods blow the preform into the desired bottle shape before being removed. This process take roughly 1-2 seconds.
The newly produced bottles go through a transfer process from the sequential blowing line to the continuous motion filling line.
The bottles then enter the filling carousel and are filled, controlled, monitored, validated and capped.


This highly innovative system has the benefits of

- Lower initial investment requiring no additional equipment: silos, conveyors, unscrambles, etc.

- Lower cost of ownership due to less equipment and spare parts

- Less labour thanks to the integrated system (one operator across blowing, filling and capping)  

- Great level of hygiene with less chance for contamination and minimal contact

- Elimination of the need for bottle transport from production to filling

- Higher flexibility with fewer parts changes needed for a format change-over



watch video below to see the Combox process from preform to capped bottle.


For all enquiries contact [email protected]