400 or 700 litre hopper, Elevating/sorting conveyor separated from main hopper conveyor for increased efficiency, Elevating conveyor 450mm wide white PP modular belt, Adjustable sorting bump on the elevating conveyor, Ejection of caps by air knife connected to a ring blower

  • Return pipe between the exit section and the bottom of the elevating/sorting section (for extra caps return)
  • Variable belt speed for elevating conveyor
  • SUS304 and engineering plastics construction
  • IP55 degree of protection or better
  • SEW motors – 3 phases
  • Clear covers on hopper and conveyor
  • The elevating/sorting section is running continuously.  Extra caps are sent back to the bottom of the elevating/sorting section and recirculated.
  • A cap level sensor in the elevating section controls the main hopper conveyor.


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