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Cups and Tubs


Claranor uses pulsed light in a controlled zone to effectively remove bacteria and other possible contaminants. This form of sterilisation is unique, effective and highly efficient requiring no use of water or liquids, no chemicals, no heating or prep time, is low energy consumption and instant.

The sterilisation unit is installed over the open area prior too filling and lid application. The unit can cover anywhere between 1 to 12 rows of a range of different cups and tubs including FFS cups, trays, metal cans, buckets and more. Additional options include:
- 1, 2 or 3 sterilization lamps
- Up to 3 flashes per lamp
- Quartz break detection system
- Alternative installation for on the fly treatment of pallets or conveyers,
- Alternative installation linear treatment for plate conveyers
- Alternative installation for rotary filling line treatment.



The Claranor Pulsed Light Sterilization is ideal for sensitive products such as dairy based products, sauces, beverages and ready meals.

In addition to the cup steriliser a lid unit can also be added to ensure complete coverage and sterilisation during the filling process. Similar to other Claranor sterilisers as the lid passes through the feeder to be applied it is flashed. Typically this has shown performance at ≥ 4.04 log

Additional lights or number of flashes per cap can be achieved to increase the level of sterilization. The light unit itself requires occasional replacement and the unit requires infrequent maintenance. Icon have certified technicians trained to perform service and maintenance task on Claranors range of sterilisation equipment.



Claranor can provide independent sterilisation reports providing conformation of log 3 to 5. To see the report for cup sterilisation click here.
For additional information about Claranors Pulsed Light Sterilization unit for cups see the reading and video below

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