New General Manager - Maz Al-Shibani



The team here at Icon Equipment are proud to announce the new role and promotion of its staff member Maz Al-Shibani to General Manger of the business.

Since his arrival at Icon, Maz has tirelessly dedicated himself to the company and the welfare of its staff, continuously finding ways to contribute and benefit not just our customers but our suppliers and employees at Icon. Maz has demonstrated on numerous occasions not only his knowledge and professionalism but also his passion for the company and its customers. With a deep understanding of the company and shared drive and vision for its future, Maz is stepping into the role of General Manger, taking over the day to day operations of the business whilst continuing management of Icons Services and Spare Parts Department.

Icon would like to take this opportunity to give a big congratulations to Maz and share our excitement for the future ahead.