Our People Make Us Great

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One thing that we pride ourselves on here at Icon is our service. Our service is what makes us great and our people are what make our service excellent.

It’s this service that really stands out, that shows our clients our level of dedication and their importance to us. It also shows the level of care and passion that our company puts into all its work which reflects the quality of our business. And with such a focus on the level of service we provide, we would be remiss if we didn’t take a moment to highlight the excellent work of our staff who embody this every day and who empower our business to serve our customers to the best of their abilities.

Today we would like to take a moment to highlight staff member Simone Vagg. Her tireless efforts and dedication to providing the best service possible, drive our business to the level of excellence we wish to achieve. As head of our Spare Parts Department, Simone deals with many of customers on a daily basis. In charge of incoming orders, processing and dispatching the majority of our spare parts, Simone is forever striving to provide the best possible experience to our customers. A feat that does not go unnoticed, as can be seen in this glowing testimonial recently received by one of our long-time clients.

Simone's testimonial

We here at Icon would like to thank Simone for all her efforts and for helping to embody the spirit and vision that we that we have as a company.

Great work Simone!