Peter Dwyer Retirement

Jaryd, Peter, David, Tin


Over 15 years ago, two friends Peter Dwyer and David Perryman, partnered up to create their own manufacturing company for filling equipment in the beverage industry. Both long time employees of Fogg Australia, the two purchased the Australian branch of the business and undertook the adventure of making it their own.
Along with lifelong friends and colleagues Pauline Kostas, Stanton Baker and Peter Markis, their experiences grew, their business flourished and their families expanded both at home and in the office.
Together they have created a prosperous business, with a strong reputation for quality, a thriving workforce, a reliable customer base and focused dedication to its customers.

What Peter, David and rest of the Icon family have been able to achieve is truly amazing and together they have established something to be proud of.

As we move into the new year, long time Director of the business, Peter Dwyer, is retiring.
It is with mixed emotions that we here at Icon, bid Peter farewell and wish him all the best in his future endeavours. Peter’s contribution to Icon will be heavily missed as his focus turns from spreadsheets and technical data, to perfecting his golf swing.

Everyone here in the Icon family would like to take a moment to thank Peter for all his hard work and all he has done for us during his tenure as Director. For all he has taught us, all the opportunities he has created and all his support, guidance and friendship throughout the years. Peter will be missed at Icon but we know he has left us with the tools and skills for Icon to continue to grow and flourish.

Best of luck Peter,
From your Icon Family