David Perryman

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David Perryman is the Managing Director of Icon Equipment and has been involved in the food packaging and beverage industry for over 30 years.  He was the Operations Manager and General Manager of Fogg Filler (Australia) prior to purchasing the business of Icon Equipment. 

With an engineering background, David has the technical experience as well as the managerial skills to assist him with innovative problem solving and decision making as well as providing the best ideas and solutions to any new or existing filling lines. 

Drawing on his wealth of knowledge and experience from within the industry, David’s positive approach to situations has led to numerous major installations throughout Australia, New Zealand, South East Asia and the Middle East. 

David is dedicated to providing the best quality service to all new and existing customer and is able to do this with the help of the incredible Icon Equipment team that he has helped build.

Managing Director David Perryman Icon Equipment
Managing Director